Friday, December 22, 2017

Arayas Normal Economy 1.1 [1.31.xx]

If you cheat in this game there is no fun anymore. What's the point of having millions from day 1? (except for testing).

So, i present to you a ...Normal Economy Mod. Not super, not REAL, not anything than normal. "REAL" it's not applying in this game because the costs of a real transport company are more than : gas, repairs or whatever it is in this game.

I know, "OMG another economy mod?!" Yes, but let me tell you what you will get with this:
- the bank is there to help you grow or start a business. You can have a 50.000, 100.000, 250.000, 1.000.000 as a loan but not in a first day. You have to prove something before you can get 1 mil!
Be careful, the return time limit and interest rates are pretty tight, the daily payments are hard to cover and for this you will need to produce money. Sounds familiar?
-a little reduction of damage data but in normal amount so you will need to drive carefully to avoid money loss.
- a normal garage it's 70.000 and an upgrade it's 30.000. This are normal prices for purchased propriety or for construction of a new wing. In real life this it's related to position, city, country etc. but in the game itself we have just one price. So this is an average.
- the refund by selling a truck is 75% of the nominal value of that truck (35% in vanilla and that's funny). A well kept truck costs 35% of his value after 10 years of service maybe, not after 30 days.
-You can buy a truck online at any time, even your first one. It's stupid to link online shopping with driving experience.
-The average speed of a delivery it's slightly increased so you can not mumbling around with the cargo atached, the delivery time limit it's shorter.
-the revenue for a delivery it's more natural and this with increased bank payments will lead to a harder developement of your business, like it should be. How come vanilla pays 120.000 for a delivery? For that amount of money i will buy a truck and go deliver myself! It's stupid!
-your drivers will make money much harder and the profit will grow with experience only.
-the fines are tuned for more natural flow of the game, important mistakes costs higher. The amount it's relative from country to country in real world, so this is an average.
-you have to prove yourself in first 5 deliveries, after that you can go to the bank for a loan.

It's a mod maded by me for years because it's not fun to be a millionaire in 30 (game) days.
 If you want a normal ride, use this. If you want a easy one, go find cheats or use vanilla.

Put this above any map file. To test if it's working (placed corectly) try to see the dealer trucks in ONLINE mode.


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