Saturday, December 9, 2017

Arayas AI Superlights 1.5 [1.30.xx]

Change log for 1.5
-Fixed high beam for all trucks (user or AI)  IMPORTANT!!
-Removed the red-yellow tint of street lights from the game
the colours have now a real colour.
-minor fixies.

Probably i dont have to work on this one, it's how i intended to be.
Look for yourself.

This mod have two versions:
1. with vanilla xenon highbeam lights (to bright for my taste)

Arayas AI Superlights 1.5 [1.30.xx]

2. with normal NO-Blue xenon highbeam lights (my favorite)

Arayas AI Superlights 1.5 NO XENON[1.30.xx]

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