Saturday, December 16, 2017

Arayas Supertraffic 1.2 [1.30.xx]

Pretty often in the past i was finding myself running to find "traffic" mods because vanilla ETS2 map spawned a few cars in the game.

In time i just realized that all the mods are just Placebo pills.
The game has a simple policy about the number of cars in the game, just one file for spawning vehicles by the hour and type of road and the multiplier known as  <<uset g_traffic "1">>  (this value is DEFAULT). THAT'S IT!
Of course, many mods have tones of files in it but they are doing more damage than to affect traffic.
They are editing files needed by other map mods or other car, country mod and the final result is crashing the game.
Use a simple mod for spawning diversity (by the rush hours of the day and by the type of the road) with a little boost on allowed number of spawned cars and adjust yourself the DENSITY.

 Arayas Supertraffic 1.2 [1.30.xx] does the first part. The second it's up to you.

Open your config.cfg file from MyDocuments\Euro Truck Simulator 2 with notepad and add a value between 1 and 10 to      uset g_traffic "1".
Where 1 it's normal traffic situation with no high car density
10 it's "get me out of here!!!" traffic situation with high car density.
For example i play with  uset g_traffic "7".

If that line it's not there just add it to the end of all codes.
Now, about my mod.
I divided the day in parts with different car density. Rush Hour between 7-9 and 16-18, normal density the rest of the day, reduced traffic between 22-0 and night traffic with bigger density for trucks. I increased the number of alowed car to be spawned because if the number it's to small your
trick with  uset g_traffic "10" wont produce some massive effect. If the spawn limit it's 1 for a specific vehicle, by applying uset g_traffic "10" you got 10. Big, but not so big number after all.
In vanilla game the uset g_traffic "1" produce empty highways and streets.
With my mod and uset g_traffic "1" i was able to get this:

If apply both, the mod and the uset g_traffic "x" trick, you gonna have the exact game situation you want to have. Use other file-stuffed mod and in the end your game or other mods will crash.

You like traffic jams? The extreme edition it's for you.See the photos above.
<<<  put above any map mod file >>>

And next we go to a much normal traffic in this section: THE STANDARD EDITION but much more traffic than vanilla game.


  1. This is very good. I don't know if it is only for me, but mostly all traffic always drive 5-10 kmh lower than the speed limits, and it is like that at the whole map. I use ProMods map as the only map extension.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Edit: It is more like 10-15 kmh, and up to 20.

  3. My work has nothing to do with the speed of the traffic. I modified the spawn ratio of the AI traffic, and for my surprise the game spawn AI cars in waves, not in constant way.
    I can do any speed modification but this will impact on numbers in "country" files, therefore can be conflicting with any map mod you may have. So, the problem it's elsewhere, maybe in Promods country files.

    1. Sure, I know that your work has nothing to do with the speed. :) If you know how to do it, I want to know how to do. If you not want to share it here, msg me. :)