Friday, December 15, 2017

Arayas Superlights 1.6 -10.05.2018 update

Real lights for AI traffic. New blinker lights, positional, brake, low beams. Now you can feel like in real life night situation. Updated 10.05.2018


  1. I posted this saame comment on your youtube video but in caase you dont see that im gonna post it here too,i hope it doesnt annoy you (:

    This actually looks amazing, this is literally what i want. The only thing i dont like is that soft version still alters with the colors and i really dont like that. Isn't there a way to get rid of those color changes? Also can you support 1.33? I dont mind playing in 1.30/31 if you fix the colors.

    A few more questions if u dont mind,
    1- Can you make the ai lights distance more than 100meters? I plaay in internet cafe and computers here have gtx 1080's.
    2- Can you somehow get rid of those way too bright side lights of busses and trucks? Also taillights seem too stong too(ı mean as they reflect too much to the ground) But headlights are just great

    1. Im sorry, i realized 1.33 still seems to work fine. But about colors, what i also realized is that on vanilla ets2 while raining around 6pm, there is this muddy look to colors which i really dig; when i activate your mod, that muddiness is gone and it looks like a normal day. Any chance you could fix that too?

    2. After some testing i realized its not mods fault that it wasnt looking muddy, it can indeed look muddy while mod is on. I feel embarrassed sorry haha

  2. after driving for another some time, i hadaa few little things to add, sorry for many posts, i ncat edit nor delete them.
    1- It looks like all ai headlights have whiter/bluer colors compared to yours. I think ai headlight colors closer to your headlight colors would make it more equal between ai aand you. So it would be more immersive.
    2- As amazing longer,bigger ai headlights are, i feel like they are still not as bright as yours. Maybe their brightness could be increased a notch