Thursday, December 14, 2017

ATS Arayas Virtual Mirrors

This mod replace the ugly virtual mirrors from ETS2.
I have two versions, normal and small, but if you want different size just write me on my blog or in the forum.
Use only one package!
This works perfectly with my NO MIRROR MOD.


  1. Hi when I saw your mod I thought Bloody Beautiful. Why?
    Ok I have a favourite Truck its mod name is Kenworth_W900Remix I believe it first creation was about Sept 2016. I have been creating skins for it and modifying it ever since. have kept it working right through to and including ATS version 1.29
    Your Mods did one thing I have not been able to find. The original Author which I have tried to make contact with, and never got any answers.
    The author Decided to for some reason move the right hand mirror to the centre of the overhead dash and make it show a reverse image instead of down the side of the truck.
    Your Mod moves the mirror back where it should be. However the only thing your mod does not do is show the proper view down the side of the truck. Which is no fault of yours.
    The mod that is in the truck changes every truck that you have in your garage.
    I want to correct this, Have you any idea of what I should be looking for. I thought if I could find this issue I would be extremely happy.
    Yours Steve

  2. To tell you what you should look for means i've understanded what you want. And, honestly, i dont. Do you refer about convex mirror image? Or the direction of it? Be more explicit, please.The "original" author? I've started the game 50 times to understand how that SCS files works and this is a final product. I have and use this mod for years, but like my mods from this blog i used it for personal use.
    I have atleast 15 mods with personal editing nuances but i did'nt publish any of it because i respect the author work. Have a nice day and come again.

  3. Ok the right hand mirror on the truck is supose to look down the side of the truck. The right hand mirror in the remix mod looks straight back at the load, hoping that helps what i am trying to obtain.
    I have made many corections to this mod, have never upload my corrections, or any of my Skins they are for my own personal use.
    1 of my designs was accepted and included in a trailer mod by RTA, and is available in ATS and ETS2
    Your mod does correct the position of the right hand mirror, which is great, thanks.
    I just want it to look down the side of the truck, and stop it interfeering with every other truck in my garrage.
    Thanks for your response

  4. I would like to have the mirrors on the bottom corners instead of the top corners. Is there a way to make that?
    And besides , I also had the mirrors looking directly on the load instead of the side of the truck, too. But I found out that it was the no mirrors mod which caused that.