Thursday, December 14, 2017

ATS Arayas NO Mirrors Mod [1.29.xx]

Well it's not realistic but in real life the field of view from your driving seat it's much bigger.
In ATS you can't see nothing in your side window because your mirror it's blocking your view.
With this mod you can make side mirrors invisible from the inside of the cabin
but not from outside.
A picture replace 1000 words, see the photos.



  1. Will you be making this ets2 compatible? Tried it out on ets2 but can't get it to work........Thanks, Andy

  2. I am using this with version It removes the side mirrors from the internal view. BUT it also removes from view some of the external truck bits ... so on the Peterbilt 579 I cannot see the exhaust pipe in the right hand virtual mirror or the metal tyre guards. Any ideas??

  3. could you please update your no mirrors mod for ats to include the new volvo thank you