Sunday, December 10, 2017

Arayas AI Superlights1.5.1 final[1.30.xx]

Probably i dont have to work on this one, it's how i intended to be.
Look for yourself.

NOTE: for some reson street lights have an orange colour under Promods 2.25. I'm keeping in touch with Promods team to find what caused this, the problem it's in their yard. 
NOTE 2: i've got an answer for Promods:
"MandelSoft wrote:
11 Dec 2017 10:22
This is because ProMods uses its own set of streetlights, with colours that reflect colours as they are in real life. Most of these lights are orange from SOX-bulbs, but if you look closely, there are also deep orange lights and three shades of white lights (cool, neutral and warm). "
 After this reply they stop any dialog, because they are very important and sensitive people.To put this in another way: "if you want to use our map, you gonna eat the shit we give you"
 Well, let me show you what i mean:

 This is the point i'm droping Promods map and the support for this map is no longer provided.

Change log for 1.5.1 FINAL
 -Reworked ALL street lights adding diversity and better recreation off modern lights.
- Few minor tweaks for headlights
-Intensive test to eliminate every interference between game files.
Change log for 1.5
-Fixed high beam for all trucks (user or AI)  IMPORTANT!!
-Removed the red-yellow tint of street lights from the game,
the colours have now a real colour.
-minor fixies.

This mod have two versions:
1. with vanilla xenon highbeam lights (to bright for my taste)
2. with normal NO-Blue xenon highbeam lights (my favorite)

 Arayas AI Superlights1.5.1 final[1.30.xx]

Check the pictures for final result.


  1. 1.4 was better,in 1.5 the sky is burning out with brightness and the green tunnel lights do not look right. but well done for your efforts.

  2. After all, you can use the one you like. It's a matter of taste.