Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ATS Arayas AI Superlights 1.5.1 [1.29.xx]

This a port of my mod for ETS2 for ATS.
It's not just a port because for ATS i have done a rework of the whole mod, for AI cars and for the street lights.
For newcomers,
what this mod do?

Real car lights for AI cars. No more 1m headlight for AI and no road reflection of light, like a walking spot. I dont have to tell you more just see the pictures. Feed back it's expected.

DOWNLOAD  ATS Arayas AI Superlights 1.5.1 [1.29.xx]


  1. Hi Just wondering, you have done such a magic job on the lights and I use it.
    Do you know if there is a way to turn the AI lights on all the time. With Various wether mods and just normal day. On this drive its 11am down in florida overcast day raining and you can barely see the AI. The Comment as dropdown profile which to use, why
    Yours Steve

  2. Yes, can be done very easy actually. If you are not patient to release a mod for that, you can edit that for yourself. Depends of how many maps you use. You must do this for every map or just select the state where you want to have AI lights always on. Lets take Canadream map for example. Open the scs file with 7zip (winrar, whatever) and look for the "def" folder. Inside def folder it's a folder named "country". Open that and inside you will find every state with a "sii" file and a folder with the same name. You dont have to touch the folders. Your target is SII file. Open for example "alaska.sii" (notepad, notepad++ recomended).
    You will find a code like that:
    country_data: country.data.alaska
    country_id: 5

    name: "Alaska"
    country_code: "AK"

    pos:(-113000, 0, -183000)

    fuel_price: 0.750

    lights_mandatory: false
    imperial_units: true
    driving_tired_offence: false
    No need to describe that code, it's self explanatory. Just modify
    lights_mandatory: false to lights_mandatory: true
    and you are set, but just for Alaska. Do the same with every state from every map you use, they all have def/country folder. Have fun.