Sunday, January 28, 2018

Romania Extended (for vanilla)

Apart from my personal project, Europe Extended Map, i've decided to use some of my material and rehash Romania. The reason?
Well, there are two options when you want to start your game in romanian cities: either use Promods or use Europe Extended. That means you have to use a map package. What about the vanilla game? Nothing.
MIRFI is working on his map of Romania, my respect for that but i'm sick about all the same 10-12 "big" cities of Romania and alot of road around them. The "big" cities are not even that big in Promods for example.

This is my Romania Rehash Project, a romanian map that will make any romanian happy, not just ones from Cluj or Bucharest.  This will include (atleast) all the cities "county residence" (CR - resedinte de judet).
This will work with any map that not include Romania: TSM, RusMap and so on.
The material used it's JUST SCS and some FLD models (big thanks for that).
This is what i finished until today (started last week):
All the cities are fully operational with companies and garages to start the game in.
Tg-Jiu, Arad and Timisoara are imported from my work in Europe Extended, the rest are brand new.
I hope the next week-end i will able to release the west half of Romania with many CR as possible.
I know there is a big city quantity. As for quality, judge for yourself when you try the map.








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