Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Romania Extended 1.6 RELEASED

Log 1.6

-standard version and Promods 2.27 version
-added Plovdiv and Stara Zagora in Bulgaria
-removed low-res mountains
-new signs, romanian-like look, for romanian territory (all cities, all roads)
-fixed minor problems and wrong placements
-complete road from Sofia to Burgas
-new road link Miercurea Ciuc-Bacau-Vaslui
-compatible with YKS, SR, RM, RK, PM and other maps, road/ferry connection provided.
-other landmarks added in the whole map.

No new profile needed, finish your delivery.

Respect the loading order from the video.
First load can be long, after that it load in just few seconds (see this in the video)

No compatibility with Eastern Express or Project Balkan.

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  1. O.M.G. All hail the king of the maps, Araya!

  2. Tocmai am obtinut versiunea 1.31x si harta Promods 2.27, si eram usor trist ca nu pot sa combin harta ta cu YKS Turkey, da am deschis blogul tau si am vazut ca in final se poate.Multumesc mult de tot pentru munca depusa!! Lasa criticile si oamenii dificil deoparte, tu continua sa faci ce ai inceput! Spor la treaba si multumesc inca odata!
    P.S Sunt din Jud Bihor o mica imbunatire a orasului Oradea nu strica :))
    (just kidding)

  3. Multumesc, Oradea e cel mai vechi oras de pe harta mea. O sa updatez incontinuu orasele romanesti asa ca poate Oradea are nevoie de un re-hash. Vedem...

  4. Arayas...am o problema cand intru in Istambul imi da crash jocul...am toate DLC-urile versiunea 1.31x si YKS 1.31x.Nu stii care ar putea fi problema? Sa fie pc meu mai slabut nu rezista formatul hartii?
    Astept un raspuns...Spor la munca!