Tuesday, May 8, 2018

ROMANIA EXTENDED 1.4 aka Balkan Expansion

08.05.2018 update
ROMANIA EXTENDED 1.4 (working in both 1.30 and 1.31 beta)

LOG 1.4
-fixed partial wall at roadwork near Alexandria.
-placed garage in Sibiu (ooops!)
-fixed editor error saving blank sectors in Germany and Austria
-added 5 cities in Serbia including Belgrade.
-added 3 cities in Bulgaria including Sofia.
-5 new connections from Szeged, Timisoara, Craiova, Ruse and Shumen.

City count: 56
Builded in: 3 months and 10 days

Please report any error (if any), i will upload a fixed version if needed.

ALL DLC needed, no new profile, but finish your delivery before installing 1.4 version.
At first start wait for cache to be rebuilt.

-Alin Todor for romanian vehicle files and support
-Jazzycat for some romanian car models
-FLD for map materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.

The map works with vanilla map or in combination with other maps:
TSM, RusMap, Steppe, ROS, SR, Great Poland, North Map, MHAPro or non-european maps.
Not Eastern Expres and Promods compatible.

Due to amount of changes and modification please report any missplacemet.

The map comes in two versions MAIN MAP (good PC) and MIDDLE PC MAP (weaker PC).

available version 1.4.3 (not crucial missplacements)
-fixed pole lights in Pleven Garage
-fixed partial wall in Novi Sad company 
-CRUCIAL - damaged sector saved by editor in Constanta shore line -missing a part of the city and company 


The instruction for map installation are in the package.
If you use this in a combo there is no reason not to work as before.
Older versions and log-list on my Workspace.

If you want to support my work there is a Donate button on my Workspace.
All donation will be used for a dedicated ETS2 site.


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  2. Vei mai face update-uri la Europe Extended?Sper ca da

  3. Construiesc acum Burgas si inca 2 orase si apoi pot sa iau Europe Extended la mana de la zero.
    In stadiul actual Burgasul vechi are nivelul marii la 100 de metri si e o problema de cuplare la harta mea.

  4. Salut ! E prima oara cand instalez un mod deci am nevoie de putin ajutor :)
    Am instalat modul exact cum e scris acolo, dar cand vreau sa intru in profil imi da crash si nu stiu de :(
    Repet ca sunt la inceput si nu prea le am cu modurile

  5. In primul rand trebuie sa ai jocul cu cele 4 harti DLC. Italia, Scandinavia, East si France.

    1. Aici n am fost eu atent
      Am toate hartile inafara de italia :)
      Multumesc mult pt ajutor ! :)

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  7. Pot uploada harta ta si pe alte site-uri?Pastrez link original si pun link de la video-ul tau.Sper ca nu e problema.Oricum,harta este foarte faina si foarte bine facuta.Abia astept urmatoarele versiuni.

  8. Unde vrei tu. Urmatoarea versiune o sa fie versiunea Promods 99.9% gata.

    1. Cum adica versiunea Promods?Ca nu inteleg

    2. Si iti multumesc ca raspunzi destul de repede.

  9. Versiunea pe care o incarci alaturi de Promods (RusMap si ce mai vrei tu compatibil cu Promods) si o joci, numai ca in loc de Romania (Serbia, Bulgaria si Moldova) Promods-ului o sa ai ROEXTENDED si in rest Promods-ul original.

    1. Abia astept si aceasta versiune.Keep up the good work!

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  11. Hello Arayas, i have a suggestion for you.
    .. is it possible to change the textures from your mountains ? i think they look a little ugly,
    or i sould better say, a little empty !
    Maybe you could add some more trees or something, if it's possible.

    BUT, in general your Romania MAP is AWESOME !!!... man, i love it 😉

    1. Maybe you are right, i will see in the future versions. This are the standard SCS textures. Have fun.

  12. ok good, thanks for the reply.

    I just found a bug, in the mercedes garage on the sleeping place, in city of sibiu.