Monday, January 1, 2018

Mario Map Europe Extended Edition

As i promise, i'm gonna share with you the map i am playing on my PC.
The delay was caused by the dialog with Mario Map makers and we have permission to distribute this version for the ETS2 players. That being said....
Note: this is 12.6 version of the map, the one running on my PC sience release,  the 12.7 version it's out but not tested by me and it's not that important update. If i'll consider to be important i'm gonna make an update patch in the future.

The original map have to many things in so many areas and this is why it's not that popular. For example a Moscow-Sofia cargo it's very short because the GPS it's directing you through an airport connection and that's bad when a road connection it's possible.
And also, taking cargo for South America from Europe it's game-time wasting and unreal. But we have a fix for that...

Mario Map Europe Extended Edition 12.6
The credits for the Mario Map : Mario1961, Term99

 Arayas Europe Extended Edition
 This is Europe version of the map, with an extension in North Africa and Middle East.
All cities are connected for transport by road, except the ones who need a normal and natural ferry connection.
See the video for the in game map details.

All abusive ferry and airport connections are removed.
The american maps or other exotic maps are NOT in this package.
I added new road texture, new normal economy, and part of my work,
like Soft Superlights, Normal Virtual Mirrors, Police ON, Loading Screens (normal) and few tweaks i use on my game.
This map it's huge and it's not compatible with any other map, except the exotic ones.

You can use my mods or any other mod with this package, just put it above in mod manager.
For example, you want +18 Loading screens, no problem. Load my map package, like in description and then load +18 loading screens to be above the map.

Download all 6 parts of the archive. It's a Multi-archive, you need ALL the parts for download.

PART 1 700MB

PART 2 700MB

PART 3 700MB

PART 4 700MB

PART 5 700MB

PART 6 268MB

You will have this:

Right click on ANY file and choose "extract here" or wherever you want to extract.
You will have this:

Copy all SCS files in your MOD folder of the game.
Open the game and go in mod manager.

 In MOD MANAGER add every package clicking numbers in order:
Click 1, 2, 3...and so on until 9.
In Mod Manager you will have the following order:


This is the right way to do it.

It will look like this:

At first start the game will load in long time because it's getting the cache of the map. Let'it load until the end.
After that, the loading time will be much shorter.
Be carefull what job do you take, there are supersized cargos and tandems in the game!
Don't blame the map if you cannot finish this kind of transport!

Enjoy the best map available for ETS!

If you like it, promote this map to your friends and send them a link to my workspace to be sure they have the right information. Dont upload on other servers! This is the place for the first hand info and updates not fake second hand uploads.
Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks happy new year , good work.

  2. Happy new year, the better as possible
    Thx for your mods
    Thx for this map mod

  3. jabo (
    I just made my first trip with the new map (12.6). Downloading and installing last night gave no problems at all. ( as expected). In total i went from 10.4 GB to 5.5 GB so a very significant change. My compliments for that. What i liked the most in the new map is new tarmac colour, all over the place. It gives so much quietness in driving instaed of colourchanges every 30,40 kilometers. Very nice!!!
    It looks bright and clean. You surprised me by integrating your enigine mod, at first i thought : he what is wrong with my truck, but after finishing the game and looking in the basefile i found out.
    In short man i love it very much. Damn good job you did here. You deserve all the compliments there are
    and my depest respect. Thank you very much much much much.

  4. Thank you so much for this huge work. My connection is shitty slow, so I'll be testing the map until tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and happy new year!

  5. I'm glad you like it! Sience i made this map for my personal taste i don't give a dime on any other map. No lags, no bugs. Huge teritory. If you find something wrong just tell me. I know i've seen a elctric post in the middle of the road somewhere, i dont remember the place. :)
    Most important, have fun!

  6. thanks for this fine mapmod.
    I`m happy that somepeople made this possible.
    just 1 thing is it possible to change Mozorov 6.3 with Mozorov 7.0 without any problems ?

  7. I will test it. Keep in mind that Mozorov it's not updated sience 1.28 so...will see.

  8. Thank you so much for your map version. It's a map more simplified that Mario Map, more faster to load and very nice to play. I just started my career in my city (Zaragoza) and I hope to get to Russia, the infinite and beyond, like Buzz Lightyear, jaja. Thanks for your great work and happy new year.