Thursday, January 18, 2018

Europe Extended - Romania extension - Stage 1 finished

Some news, first.
I have finished my first stage of rebuilding Romania adding new cities on the map.
This is how the map used to be in that region, even with Mozorov map attached:

  and this is how it's looking now:

  This is ready to launch and until sunday i'll do more testing.
Like i've said before the big cities are present in every map including Romania so i'm interested more about middle and small cities. So, i have for you:
Bucharest, Focsani, Bacau, Cluj, Oradea, all implemented in the map and rebuilded using existing cities as base, but still alot of work to do.
Arad, Timisoara, Targu Jiu, Valcea, Constanta builded from zero.
90% of the roads are new, 3 new links with Hungary, one with Ukraine, one with Serbia, a ferry connection from Constanta to Odessa at the Black Sea and a road connection to Varna in Bulgaria.
See the map above for details.

Bad news:
 Mozorov 7 it's not Mario compatible, they said it is, but the game crashes.
Good News:
In future Europe Extended there is no separate file for Russia, all Mario and Mozorov sectors are blended in to one from now on like in the picture above.
Best News: The update files are just 230 MB you dont need to redownload everything for an update.
In week end i will release the new form of Europe Extended and working not only in Romania for future releases, but in all map.
If you have a city you want in the map, tell me, maybe i will have time to make it for you.

Again, if you like this map, promote it and let's have fun with this!
Few photos of new territories:











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