Wednesday, December 13, 2017

+18 Loading Screen for ETS2 version 1.1

An update of my mod, all the pictures are now different. Enjoy.



  1. Bonjour, je suis fran├žais (48 ans) et ma femme est roumaine.
    Bravo pour la carte, je l'attendais depuis longtemps, je vais pouvoir l'utiliser avec mon camion ROMAN.
    Pour l'instant aucun bug avec ets2 v. sur steam.
    Martial (

  2. I love your work i have downloaded romania extended as well
    But i really hve much pleasure for as long as your loading screens mod exist, its fantastic to see those beautifull girls show while waiting a few seconds. I want to ask if you can tell me where you found these nice pictures so i can view a few of them on my screensaver.
    There is a tiny issue with the random showing of the pictures as i see almost allways a limited amount of pictures. Some in the mod kinda never show on my screen. It did not help to add the old pictures from the old version to the mod its most of the time limited to 4 pictures and once in a very long time i see one i seldom see.

  3. Did i tell you i really love your work, keep it up sir :D

  4. I like your modes and now play with Promods 2.30 + RoExtended 1.8,
    but I still miss the +18 Loading Screen for 1.31.x and 1.32.
    Can you update it to these versions of the game?
    Thank you!